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About Jane Sheehan

Jane66“I remember the first time I ever had a reflexology treatment.  It was my friend Claudine’s birthday.  She’d asked for reflexology and I thought it was a beauty treatment!  I booked us both in for a treatment and was amazed at the emotional reactions that we had to it.”

As a consequence of that treatment, Jane studied Reflexology at the Chiltern School of Reflexologists, earning a distinction.  She is a member of the Association of Reflexologists.“Even after I’d passed all my exams, I was still intrigued by the emotional reactions that both me and my clients experienced through reflexology.  I decided to investigate further”. 

This search for the emotional link to the feet led her to discover the teachings of Louise Hay (You can heal your life), Imre Somogyi (Toe Reading), Chris Stormer (Language of the Feet), and through practicing their techniques led Jane to develop a style of her own incorporating some of each of their philosophies.  “It started off as a bit of fun, just reading friends’ feet.  But then it got to the stage where I couldn’t go to a party without getting a foot bared before I could even grab a drink!  A lady called Helena asked me if I would read feet at a fund-raiser for the local play group.  This was my first venture into foot reading for the general public”. From the minute Jane started reading the first set of feet at that fund-raiser, she had a queue of people lining up for a reading.  She hasn’t looked back since!


She spent the next few years working full-time in an office job whilst building up her reflexology and foot-reading business.  Eventually, it got to the stage where something had to give!  After a lot of preparation, Jane decided to give up her day job and turn to reflexology and foot reading full-time.  The first day of her new working life was spent on television on the “This Morning” programme on ITV where she was interviewed by Lorraine Kelly and Tris Payne.  She read two photographs of celebrity feet – namely Princess Diana’s and Cameron Diaz’s – and read some people’s feet live in the studio who were stood behind a screen.  These turned out to be stars of the “Celebrity Fit Club”: Aldo Zilli - the chef, Kim Mayzelle – the soul singer, and Paul Ross – the breakfast radio show presenter.

This wasn’t her only media experience.  She’s had appearances on This Morning, Today with Des and Mel, Morning Glory and Big Brother's Little Brother and that's just in the UK.  See the Free Stuff page for clips of some other TV appearances, radio interviews and magazine articles.


Jane conducts reflexology treatments in Buckingham, foot reading parties within a radius of her home and teaches foot reading around the country.  You can check out the latest seminars from the workshops section of this website.  “The foot reading really is a good tool to help you understand the personality of the client and the issues that they are addressing at that time.  It’s very useful as an addition to reflexology but even better as a therapy in its own right”

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Jane has written three books, two about foot reading and one on how to start and run a holistic therapy business.  All are available for purchase from this website.  Her first book "Let's Read Our Feet!" is also available as an ebook from most large e-tailers.